Getting The Most Out Of PRO

Seeking Alpha publishes hundreds of articles every day and PRO is the only way to effectively navigate this coverage. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Seeking Alpha PRO.

1. Pay Attention To The Daily Investment Ideas

  • We publish a strong investment idea on our PRO Editor's account daily. We publish Top Ideas through this account and many other ideas which hold promise. Find our Top Idea list here.

2. Follow The Investment Style Accounts Which Fit Your Needs

  • As described here, we share the best of Seeking Alpha content on our investment style accounts, like PRO Tech, PRO Income, PRO Short and PRO Small and Micro. We also share our PRO exclusive content through these accounts - find out more about our exclusive content here. As well, be sure to also check out our weekly PRO Interviews here, many of which are exclusive to PRO. 

3. Find The Setting On The Idea Filter Which Best Suits Your Interests

  • The PRO exclusive Idea Filter is a quick way to get a list of all recently published articles which fit your needs. We recommend filtering for "Tier 1 Authors" (in the Quality drop down menu) to start. Next, try filtering for "Growth" or "Value" (in the Investment Style drop down menu). Alternatively, try filtering by "High Quality Business Model" (in the Investment Opportunity drop down menu). We recommend keeping the filter simple with only one or two filters to get a good look into the recent publishing which fits your interests.

4. Follow Your Favorite Tickers & Seeking Alpha Authors

  • We frequently see new users to Seeking Alpha missing the big picture. To get the most from your investment in Seeking Alpha, it is worthwhile following the tickers you are researching and following authors who appear to share your interests. One of the best ways to find investment ideas is to find an author who likes the same type of stocks - invariably, they will point you to an opportunity you were not aware of. You should feel free to direct message or comment on your favorite author's work - they are likely to get back to you quickly. 

5.  Get Advice From The PRO Editors

  • The PRO Editors are available to help you find authors and content who fit your needs. We have spent years curating and reading Seeking Alpha and therefore can spot the diamonds in the rough. We can dramatically help accelerate your Seeking Alpha journey. You can reach us at 

If you have questions or feedback about how we can make the PRO experience better, please contact us via direct message or at

To learn more or subscribe to PRO please click here.

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