How to compare stock performance with Premium’s Key Stats Comparison

One of the must-haves in every investor’s toolkit is the ability to compare essential stock information side-by-side with other stocks to assess opportunity.

Key Stats Comparison can be found in the Premium Menu as shown below:

We’ve also added a list of predefined comparisons like Big Pharma and Gold ETF's to give you a head start. Click on “Create New Comparison” to create your own chart:

Key Stats Comparison is also available on every stock's symbol page, under the 'Peers' tab.

As a Premium member, your Key Stats Comparison page will include the following features:

  • Edit Symbols - select any stocks you want to compare, in any industry, or compare ETF’s
  • Expanded View - compare up to 6 stocks at once (instead of only 4)
  • Ratings - Built in Quant, SA author and Wall Street analyst ratings for easy drill downs and comparisons, including factor grades like Value and Growth
  • Save and Share - export key stats to Excel and PDF, or print them out.

If you are not yet a subscriber to Premium, you can try the subscriber-only features to see if they improve your investing with a two-week free trial.

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