How can I link my Broker account to my Seeking Alpha Portfolio?


  • Premium and PRO subscribers can now seamlessly link their brokerage accounts to their Seeking Alpha portfolios.
  • Keep your portfolio updated automatically and gain valuable insights into your holdings.
  • View all your holdings across multiple brokerages in one place.
  • All major US brokerages are supported along with many more institutions in the US and globally.

Dear Seeking Alpha Members,

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently released a powerful new feature which enables subscribers to link their brokerage accounts to their Seeking Alpha portfolio. By linking your accounts, you no longer need to manually maintain your Seeking Alpha portfolio when you buy and sell stocks. Once a link is established, the changes from your broker will be updated automatically on a daily basis.

How To Link To Your Broker

To establish a link to your broker, simply click the "Link Broker" button from any Seeking Alpha Portfolio.

If you are on a mobile device, the button is named "Link"

Safety And Security Via Plaid

Seeking Alpha has partnered with Plaid, the leading personal financial data aggregator powering the fintech tools that tens of millions of people rely on. Plaid is 100% secure and ensures your information is fully encrypted from end to end. At no point does Seeking Alpha have access to your brokerage credentials.

Plaid powers some of the most popular banking and financial apps such as Venmo, Betterment, and Coinbase and supports most brokerages in the USA, Canada and the UK. As with all Seeking Alpha portfolios, your data is kept fully confidential and is not shared with any 3rd parties.

Benefits Of Linking Your Accounts

Once your accounts are linked, you will be able to track real time stock prices, cost basis, total change, and total account value for each individual portfolio and for all your portfolios combined.

In addition, as a Premium or PRO subscriber, you will be able to see stock ratings and factor grades on all your latest holdings, updated on a daily basis.

Lastly, you will be automatically subscribed to real-time alerts on your most current holdings so you don't miss a critical news story or analysis article.

Account Aggregation

A major pain point for many investors is the fact that they have their investments spread across multiple accounts and brokers. From 401Ks, IRAs, kids' college funds, and retirement portfolios, many investors struggle to obtain a consolidated view of all their investments. By utilizing broker linking within your Seeking Alpha portfolio, you can easily link all your accounts in one place and get a holistic view of all your investments.

Link Status

You can see the status of your link using the icon next to the Edit Portfolio button as shown in the screenshot below. The sync status updates on a daily basis and in case there is an issue and the connection is lost, you will receive a notification. 

Important note: If you have MFA (multi-factor authentication) enabled on your broker account, then the auto-sync function will not work because this security feature requires an OTP (one-time password) every time, and there is no way to authenticate the one-time password automatically. Hence, for all the accounts which are enabled with MFA, we can update the portfolio only when the user manually re-links the portfolio. Every time they login to SA & visit their portfolio page, they will be prompted to re-link the portfolio by entering OTP and this will download the latest data for them.  Disabling the MFA will most likely enable the auto-sync to work, although we strongly advise you don’t do this for obvious security reasons. 

You may also visit which includes a dedicated section that helps address common questions you might have about how Plaid works and their security practices—as well as tips for troubleshooting. Additionally, there is which is a portal through which you can view and manage the connections you've made using Plaid.

We hope you'll find this new feature enhances your Seeking Alpha experience and brings you more insights to make better investing decisions. If you are not yet a subscriber to Premium, and would like to link your brokerage account, start your free trial today!

Power to Investors!

- The Seeking Alpha Product Team

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