How to link your Interactive Broker account

To link your Interactive Broker account, please refer to our previous entry here and then follow the additional steps below for IB:

To connect your accounts:
1. Login to 'Account Management'
2. Open menu in top left, go to Settings > Account Settings 

3. On right side, under 'Reporting' configure 'Third-party Services' by enabling 'Mint'. Take note of the "TOKEN" and "QUERY ID".  

4. Enter your IB username and password using the "Link Broker" feature on Seeking Alpha.
5. Enter the 'TOKEN' and 'QUERY ID' as they appeared on IB as answers to the questions that are presented to you during the sync process.

You may also visit which includes a dedicated section that helps address common questions you might have about how Plaid works and their security practices—as well as tips for troubleshooting. Additionally, there is which is a portal through which you can view and manage the connections you've made using Plaid.

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