How do I access Rocket Chat via the app?

1) Go to the App Store/Google Play Store and download the Rocket Chat app:

2) Once you have downloaded the Rocket Chat app, open it. You will be prompted to enter a “workspace”. Manually enter the following workspace URL: ““ and tap Enter (you only have to do this step once). Do not attempt to Login at this stage - leave the app open and proceed to the next step.

3) Next, open your subscription within the Seeking Alpha App, by going to the “hamburger menu” to the left of the Seeking Alpha logo at the top of your screen:

From there, select the service from your list of subscriptions.

4) Once you are inside your subscription, click the chat icon to copy your subscription details into the Rocket Chat app.

You can click the chat icon at any time to open your chat room within the Rocket Chat app. If prompted, where to open chat, select the Mobile Application. You can click a box to make this your default method of opening chat in the future.

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