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Seeking Alpha's ratings and factor grades enable you to find great ideas, fast.

Ratings Summary gives you a snapshot of all three Seeking Alpha ratings for every stock - Quant, SA Authors, and sell-side Wall Street Analysts. The Summary appeals really strongly to retail investors who just want the bottom line recommendation and brings tremendous value to advanced investors who are looking for a starting point for deeper analysis.

Our proprietary quant ratings have a remarkable track record, massively beating the market. The quant ratings were developed by CressCap, which sold them for $5,000 per seat to hedge funds. Seeking Alpha acquired CressCap to provide the ratings to our subscribers. Over 100 metrics for each stock are compared to the same metrics for the other stocks in its sector. Clicking on any of the Factor Grades (in blue) will bring up a drill-down of that grade's metrics.

The Factor Scorecard for each stock enables you to evaluate any stock in seconds and ascertain whether it's for you. The scorecard grades stocks and REITs on five "factors" -- Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum, and EPS Revisions. The grades run from A+ to F. The grades for REITs are built on data specifically appropriate for REITs, such as FFO and AFFO. You don't need to take the grades as an article of faith; clicking on the links in the scorecard takes you to the underlying data. EXAMPLE -- APPLE TICKER PAGE.

The Quant Ranking shows you how the stock is ranked vs. its sector and industry. Clicking on any of the links (in blue) will show you a ranked list of all the stocks in that sector or industry from first to last.

Dividend Grades help investors ensure they own stocks with strong, safe and growing dividends. The Dividend Grades are simple and easy to use, but are tremendously sophisticated under the hood.

Here's how they work:

  • The Dividend Safety Grade tells you how safe the stock's dividend is. We believe our Dividend Safety Grade is a better indicator of the risk a company will be forced to cut its dividend than anything else available. Our Dividend Safety grade is based on 13 underlying financial metrics, which include estimates of future cash flow and earnings. These metrics are compared to those of other stocks, and then correctly weighted to provide the most accurate gauge of a company's dividend safety. Our Dividend Safety Grade is a game-changer for people reliant on dividend income.
  • The Dividend Growth Grade tells you the company's potential to grow its dividend in future. Many investors mistakenly assess a company's dividend growth potential using only backward-looking data, namely the company's past track record of dividend increases. But the company's past track record is only half the story. So our Dividend Growth Grade also takes into account the company's projected future growth in revenue, profits and free cash flow. This leads to far better predictive performance, allowing investors to find the stocks most likely to grow their dividends strongly in future. We feel our Dividend Growth Grade is the best tool for dividend growth investors that has ever been developed.
  • The Dividend Yield Grade tells you how attractive the stock's dividend yield is compared to others in its sector. This is better than comparing the stock's yield to all other stocks, because investors want to know which are the highest yielding stocks in each sector. The Dividend Yield Grade takes into account not only the current dividend yield, but the yield based on analysts' projections of the dividend one and two years from now. This is far more powerful and valuable than using only the current yield.
  • The Dividend Consistency Grade measures how consistently the company has paid a dividend, and how consistently the company has raised its dividend, in a single grade.

In combination, the Dividend Grades help dividend investors ensure their dividend income is safe, and that their dividends and income will increase over time.

The ratings stock screener is designed to help you find the best stocks, fast. It uses Seeking Alpha's market beating quant ratings and factor grades, and ratings from Seeking Alpha authors and Wall Street. Unlike other screeners which require lots of work and input, the Seeking Alpha rating screener is an easy way to find the stocks and REITs with the best ratings and factor grades. You can use the factor grades to find the best stocks for your investment style. For example, if you care most about dividends and value, you can screen for stocks with an A+ for Value and a dividend yield above a certain amount. See the Rating Screener.

Lists of top stocks show you the top rated stocks with one click. We've created the following lists of top ranked stocks: Top Rated Stocks, Top Rated Dividend Stocks, Top Yield Monsters, Top Tech Stocks, Top Growth Stocks, Top Value Stocks, and Top Small Cap Stocks.

Upgrades and downgrades provide you with newly emerging opportunities. Find stocks and REITs which have just been upgraded to Buy or Strong Buy in their quant rating, SA author rating, or Sell-Side rating on the Upgrades / Downgrades page.

Authors' "Coverage" shows you their favorite stocks, giving you access to the stocks rated most highly by the authors you most like. Once you’ve found a Seeking Alpha author you like, the "Coverage" tab on the author page enables you to see what stocks that author rates most highly. Example -- Cornerstone Investments' highest-rated stocks.

Notable calls are the best, actionable investment ideas we've found from fund managers and other Wall Street pros. Notable Calls offer subscribers a daily dose of the best long and short ideas from Wall Street. They are sourced and summarized by our news analysts. Combined with our contributor articles, Notable Calls makes Seeking Alpha the most comprehensive and valuable source of investing ideas available anywhere. View Notable Calls.

Find similar stocks to those you already own with Related Stocks. If you know you love a particular stock, we can help you find stocks similar to it. Related Stocks shows you stocks similar to a stock of your choice, using the wisdom of other Seeking Alpha users and authors. We show you stocks owned by Seeking Alpha users who also own the stock in question, and stocks mentioned in articles with that stock. You can customize the view to see the factors you care most about, such as growth or dividend metrics. This is a great way to discover new stocks similar to those you already own. Example -- Related Stocks to UNH.


If you want to research a stock, Seeking Alpha gives you more powerful research tools:

Unlimited access to analysis articles. Seeking Alpha has broader coverage of stocks than any other research provider. We cover thousands of stocks that have no coverage from Wall Street analysts. Premium provides access to any article you want to read. Example -- read any article on the AMTD symbol page.

Unlimited access to transcripts, including audio. Access earnings call and event transcripts for any stock. Listen to the audio of any transcript and view the presentation slides. Example -- Boeing's transcripts.

Ratings for each stock and REIT. Stock symbol pages in both desktop and mobile show three ratings for every stock -- the Quant Rating, SA Authors Rating, and Sell Side Rating. The Quant Rating rates the stock based on available data, and is optimized to best predict future stock price movements. The SA Authors Rating is the average rating of all the Seeking Alpha authors who cover the stock. The Wall Street Analyst Rating is the average rating of the Wall Street analysts who cover the stock. EXAMPLE -- MCD SYMBOL PAGE.

Find the news that matters on your stock faster. You can read all the news on the stock on one page. The News tab on symbol pages enables you to view all the news in headline-only mode or by showing the entire story. You can also filter by news type, such as Dividend News, Earnings News, and M&A News. Example -- FB news page.

Quickly identify the bull case and bear case for the stock. "Bulls Say and Bears Say" is a card on our symbol page which gives you a quick summary of why people are bullish on the stock, and why people are bearish on the stock. EXAMPLE -- FB SYMBOL PAGE.

See how the stock is quant-ranked versus other stocks. Symbol pages show the quant ranking of the stock versus others in its industry and sector, and versus all other stocks. Click on the ranking to go to the screener to see the top ranked stocks. EXAMPLE -- FB SYMBOL PAGE.

Compare stocks and funds. Compare six stocks or funds side by side, including their key data, ratings, and factor grades. Comparisons of stocks include the three ratings (Quant Rating, SA Authors Rating and Sell Side Rating) and the factor scorecard for each stock. If you compare ETFs, the data is customized for ETFs, including their expense ratios, liquidity, and performance. You can easily change the stocks or ETFs in your comparison, download the results as a spreadsheet or PDF, and save the comparison. The user interface is beautifully clean and easy to use. See Compare stocks and funds.

10 years of financials for every stock. Clear and powerful presentation of companies' income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. Flip easily between views to see growth rates, margins, and view mouse-over charts. Example -- MMM income statement with year over year growth, over 10 years.

Author's track record on the stock being written about. When you read an article about a stock, you can see a chart of the author's history on that stock below the article. Example -- FB article (scroll to bottom of article to see chart).


Identify the weak stocks in your portfolio with stock ratings. Our portfolio view for subscribers shows ratings next to each of your stocks. You can quickly see how each of your stocks is rated by Seeking Alpha authors, by Wall Street analysts, and by our market-beating Quant Ratings. You can view ratings on your portfolio from your mobile phone by turning your phone to landscape mode and scrolling sideways. Go to your portfolio »

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the stocks you own with factor grades. For each stock in your portfolio, you can see how it is graded for Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum and EPS Revisions (revisions to earnings estimates). Go to the Quant Rating screen on your portfolio »


Market developments have always been a source of opportunity for investors. Seeking Alpha Premium includes a powerful news dashboard which allows you to find the news most relevant to you so you can discover investing opportunities.

News dashboard. The News Dashboard is a powerful feature for desktop and laptop users. It provides real-time news tracking, without having to click to open each story or be distracted by ads or promotions. It offers powerful filters to find the most actionable news. For example, it has filters for dividend investors (Dividends - stocks, Dividends - funds, MLPs and REITs), filters for value and growth investors (Buybacks, Guidance and Debt/Share Issuance), and filters to give you a quick sense of market action, such as Top News, Trending News, Politics and Market Pulse. The News dashboard is designed to help you find great investing ideas, and to be fast, powerful and fun. See the new News Dashboard.

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