Seeking Alpha Screeners Overview

Seeking Alpha Premium subscribers can now easily find top rated stocks across three ratings categories: Quant Rating, SA Author Rating, and sell side, Wall Street Analyst Rating. The powerful Ratings Screener leverages Seeking Alpha's proprietary Quant and SA Author Ratings to help investors find the top rated stocks to help jump-start the research process.

For example, our popular "Top Rated Dividend Stocks" screen identifies stocks with a yield above 2% and a rating of "Bullish" or higher across all 3 major rating categories. Subscribers can then drill-down even further by clicking on any of the ratings or factor grades (Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum or EPS Revisions) and see the underlying metrics driving the Quant Rating. Want to see which Seeking Alpha authors are contributing to the Bullish rating? Simply click the rating and you can see which authors have recently rated this stock.

Seeking Alpha is not geared towards day trading in general, but you can see the top rated Penny Stocks using our Screeners:

The screener also allows investors to hone in on specific sectors or industries. Simply create a new screen and type the name of the sector/industry in the filter box or choose from a Seeking Alpha pre-set screen for the sector of your choice.

Subscribers can also create a screen from scratch and choose any combination of filters. After viewing the results, users can save the screen to check for future updates or share the screen with a colleague.

Results can also be downloaded to Excel, PDF, printed or emailed to a colleague.

To access this powerful new tool, click the "Screeners" option in the main navigation bar, or go directly to our screeners homepage. Alternatively, you can access exclusive pre-set screens directly from your "Premium" menu in the main navigation bar,

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