How to access Notable Calls on an iPhone?

Premium subscribers also have access to our list of 'Notable Calls' which cover important stock picks that you need to know about, that weren’t originally published on Seeking Alpha. We hope you will find it to be another source of compelling ideas for where to allocate your investment capital most effectively.

How to access Notable Calls on an iPhone is explained below,

1. Login to the Seeking Alpha website with your subscribed email address. (Note: For Premium Subscribers only)

Click on the 3 Horizontal line in the top left corner as depicted in the image below,

Image 26579

2. As soon as you click on the horizontal lines, it will expand a small window as shown in the image below and you can select 'Notable Calls' from the list.

Image 26580

3. This is where you can view 'Notable Calls'

Image 26581

If you are not yet a subscriber to Premium, you can try these features to see if they improve your investing with a two week free trial.

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