Symbol Page on iPhone

The new apps offer far richer data and tools on symbol pages, the pages about a specific stock or ETF. The price chart is improved, and now shows trading volume as well as price. After the articles and news, a Company Profile provides a description of the company.

Charts show Revenue and Earnings Per Share. Tables show data for Earnings Estimates, Earnings Revisions, Valuation, Growth, Profitability, and Momentum, Dividends, Capital Structure, and Trading Data.

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For Seeking Alpha Premium members, symbol pages in mobile provide data to give you a better understanding of the stock, and the information needed to make an instant assessment of the stock before continuing your research.

Three ratings are provided for each stock -- the average rating from Wall Street analysts, the average rating from Seeking Alpha authors, and the Quant Rating and Ranking.

A scorecard displays the stock’s grades for Value, Growth Profitability, Momentum, and Earnings Revisions. In the list of Analysis articles, there’s a tag below each headline which shows the author’s rating on the stock.

There’s a new summary of the bull case and bear case on the stock, called “Bulls Say” and “Bears Say”. These features are available to Premium subscribers on desktop as well.

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