I am a paying monthly subscriber. How can I upgrade to annual billing using the monthly credits?

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Yes, you can easily upgrade your subscription to annual and save 33% per year. If you are already a paying monthly subscriber, you can apply up to 6 months of paid monthly credit to the annual subscription cost.

For example, if you’ve made three monthly payments, starting June 1, you’d be able to apply the consolidated amount ($299.99*3 = $900) at the time of the upgrade against the annual subscription price of $2400/year. So, you will need to pay only $1500 and the upgrade will be effective June 1.

To upgrade:


Advantages of upgrading :

  • Annual subscriptions offer you more value for money, and now you have the option to take advantage of the lower price (of just $199.99/month) retroactively, by applying your monthly payments towards the upgrade.

  • No hassle of monthly payments and service interruption due to billing issues.

  • Whopping savings of 33% per year.

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