Why am I not receiving Rocket Chat Alerts?

Email alerts are only generated if you are not active in chat for a period of 5 minutes or longer or have chat closed completely. When active in chat, there's an alert sound instead. This is based on the idea that it would be redundant to get both an audio ding and an email alert if you are active in the chat room.

If you are out of chat or idle for more than 5 minutes and still not receiving email notifications:

  1. first, please check your spam/other folders, filters to see if the alerts are getting misfiled there. Adding account@seekingalpha.com, rc@seekingalpha.com, and subscriptions@seekingalpha.com to your contact list may help correct this issue.
  2. check if your email address has been verified. RocketChat will not attempt to send you email notifications unless your address is verified. To do that:
  • Go to https://rc.seekingalpha.com/account/profile
  • Below your Email address, if you see a button labeled “Resend verification email”, click it. If there is no such button, your address is already verified.
  • Check your mail for a message with the subject “Seeking Alpha Chat - Email address verification”.
  • Click “Verify your email”

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If the above does not help, please reach out to us at subscriptions@seekingalpha.com or call 1-347-509-6837.

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