What is the difference between Seeking Alpha’s Marketplace and Seeking Alpha Premium/PRO?

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Seeking Alpha's Marketplace offers you the chance to get exclusive content from individual authors that complement those authors' free articles. If there's a particular marketplace author (or several) whose investing style or service suits you, you would likely benefit from their Marketplace service. And many users who sign up for one service end up finding several that suit their needs together. By signing up to an author's service, you get all their Premium articles as well.

Seeking Alpha Premium offers exclusive access to single-stock articles available on Seeking Alpha, to support stock research, as well as a wide array of data and tools to assist your investment research. 

PRO is a wider-spanning idea generation tool that gives you exclusive access to articles from a wide range of Seeking Alpha's top authors, as selected by our PRO editorial team.

Many users sign up to both Premium or PRO and Marketplace, as the services tend to complement one another for many users.

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