How do I set up or edit Price alerts for a stock?

Want to set up price alerts? Learn how to configure price alerts so you will be notified when a stock falls below or rises above a target price.

How to Set up Price Alerts

Step 1: Go to the main symbol page and click on the bell icon as shown below.

Image 187427

Step 2.  Select the Alert type as Price.
             Enter the target price at which you want to be alerted in the “Trigger.”
             Choose the Delivery option ie Email or Mobile

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Step 3. Click on Save and your alert will be saved.

Note: The bell icon will turn green if you have an alert set for a stock.

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How to Edit Price Alerts

You can edit your alert settings by going to the settings page directly by clicking on the link

Or, you can do it via the Portfolio page. First, go to your "Portfolio " and select the Portfolio that you want to edit and click on "Manage Alerts"

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        A. By Clicking on "Delivery" you can enable or disable the alerts on Mobile/Email

Image 187431


       B: By clicking on "Settings" you can change the trigger price or delete the alert.

Image 187432

           C: And, on the History tab, you will see all the alerts received so far.

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