How to assess any stock using Premium features on symbol summary pages

Symbol summary pages are the place many Seeking Alpha members start exploring investing ideas and begin searching for vital company or fund related information.

You may reach a symbol page by clicking on a ticker symbol or by searching it on the search bar, as shown below:

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Ratings Summary

Gives you a snapshot of all three Seeking Alpha ratings for every stock - Quant, SA Authors, and Sell-Side Analyst. Appeals really strongly to retail investors who just want the bottom line recommendation, and brings tremendous value to advanced investors who are looking for a starting point for deeper analysis.

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Quant Rating + Factor Grades

Quant Ratings are an objective, unemotional evaluation of each stock based on data, such as the company’s financial statements, the stock’s price performance, and analysts’ estimates of the company’s future revenue and earnings.

Over 100 metrics for each stock are compared to the same metrics for the other stocks in its sector, and overall.

Seeking Alpha grades each stock by five “factors” -- Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum, and EPS Revisions. To do this, we compare the relevant metrics for the factor in question for the stock to the same metrics for the other stocks in its sector. The factor is then assigned a grade, from A+ to F.

Clicking on any of the Factor Grades (in blue) will bring up a drill-down of that grades metrics.

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Seeking Alpha vs. Wall Street

Seeking Alpha authors must declare if they are Bearish, Neutral, or Bullish when publishing their articles. Easily compare SA author ratings to sell-side Wall Street analyst sentiment.

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Bulls Say / Bears Say

Concisely presents the main cases to buy or sell the stock for those that don't have time to read all of the opinions offered by SA contributors

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Search for Articles

Search for news, analysis, earnings call transcripts and press releases. You can filter articles by clicking on the 'Analysis tab' (under Summary) and selecting one or more of the ratings.

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