What is PRO+ Live and where can I find it?

PRO+ Live is a new feature for PRO+ subscribers to get up to the minute market analysis on what really matters.

You’ll find it on the homepage on the right side of the screen and and in the toolbar at the top left.

The analysis is written by a combo of our news team and expert contributors, and will cover key economic issues that expose the underlying macro events that are moving markets.

The home page will show the latest entry with analysis on recent market themes and you can click the link at the bottom of the article to get more PRO+ Live and see older entries.

We will also be highlight top performing asset classes and sectors, as well as under performers, to see what might be driving your portfolio. We’ll single out individual stocks that are having an out sized impact, and share macro-level, actionable trade ideas from Top SA authors, buysiders, and sell-side analysts.