Why I am not receiving email alerts?

If you are not receiving emails from Seeking Alpha then first check your Spam folder

If you see Seeking Alpha emails there, please click on "Not spam" or move them back to your inbox. Add subscriptions@seekingalpha.com, account@seekingalpha.com & premiumauthors@seekingalpha.com to your contacts. This will help your email provider to whitelist our emails. If it still doesn't work and you are using your work email, contact your IT department and ask them to whitelist the domain @seekingalpha.com

Emails can also stop sending due to a bounce we received from your email provider or if you accidentally reported our emails as spam. We must obey the message from your provider due to spam regulations and we freeze your emails. In this case you will see a banner when you login to your SA account asking you to clear the bounce. To fix an incoming email issue, you can also click here and we will start sending you emails again.

If this issue persists, please contact your email provider's support or switch to a different email provider (Gmail works the most reliably). Users with email accounts from cable companies (Windstream, Comcast etc.) experience this problem much more often.

If you are not a subscriber to Premium yet, you can experience our full range of subscriber-only features by signing up from Premium.

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