How can I save, download or share an article?

1. To save the Article 

 Click on the "Save" icon; you will find this option at the top and at the bottom of every article.

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Once you do that, the article will get added to your "Saved Articles" list (

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2. To download the Article

  • Click on the "Printer" icon, you will see the option below the article to download the article with or without comments.

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  • On PC hit CTRL+P to bring up the print menu. On Mac please select the Command key ⌘ +P.
  • Select "Change" in the top left corner.

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  • Select "Save as PDF" and click "Save"
  • Go to the folder you would like to save the article to. You can choose to rename the file to something you will remember more easily if you wish.

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To share the Article

Click on the "Share" icon as shown below, you can share it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or via Email.

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