How can I assess the credibility of an analyst/quality of their work?

You can verify the quality of any analyst by going to their profile page and looking at their rating history.

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Hovering over any dot on the chart will reveal the title of the article and the price change since the article was published.

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Whenever a Seeking Alpha analyst publishes an article, they need to state their position regarding the stock they are writing about.

Instead of the analyst saying they are simply short or long, analysts must now declare if they are Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, Sell or Strong Sell.

We then aggregate every analyst's rating within the past 30 days and combine it to create the overall Analyst Rating for every stock.

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On every article you read, you can find that article's performance since it was published - the analyst rating history is available at the top of the article, under “About this article.” This gives a quick snapshot of the analyst's credibility around the stock.

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