What is the "Add View" tab, and how do I configure it?

With the "Add View" feature you can customize your portfolios and choose which columns you want to see by default.

To set up a 

Step1: Select the portfolio which you want to customize from the left-hand side nav bar.

Image 187851

Step 2: Once the desired portfolio opens, you will see an "Add View" button as shown below.

Image 187852

Step 3: Clicking the button opens a pop-up to create a new view. By default it is named “My View” but you can rename it.

You can add columns based on the categories shown below; you can also search for the category using the "Filter" tab.

The “Symbol” column is mandatory for all custom views and shows a lock symbol next to it. It cannot be moved or removed.

Once you are done selecting your preference, you can click on "Done" and the view will get saved.

    Image 187854

    Once you are done, you can see your view as the first column in your portfolio as shown below, upon clicking it you will see your customized portfolio as shown below.

    Image 187855

    To Edit/Delete your View :

    You can Edit/Delete the View by clicking on three dots besides "My View" tab as shown below.

    Image 187856

    By Clicking on "Copy to Other Portfolios" you can easily copy custom views to other portfolios and quickly add multiple fields to a custom view.

    You will get the option to select the portfolio to which you want to replicate the existing view.

    Image 187858

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