Advanced Chart Features- A brief about what the various buttons on the advanced chart denote

To view the Advanced Chart, open any symbol page and next to the " Basic " you will see the option to see the "Advanced Chart" (as shown below).

Image 148055

Chart Type Dropdown - allows you to toggle between the different chart types like bar, candle, line etc.

Image 148057

Image 148056

Period - Select desired period (Ex. of the candle) from here. The period can be anything from minutes to days/weeks

Image 90091

Compare (+) - you can compare stocks easily using this feature.

Image 90092

Log - helps you to toggle between log and non-log values

Image 90093

Percentage - helps you to change between the percentage and absolute values.

Image 90094

Indicator dropdown - you can choose from a comprehensive list of indicators using this button (maximum 3 can be used at a time).

Image 90095

You can further change the settings of those indicators by hovering over the indicator (24H Volume in this case) and clicking the settings button pointed as below.

To remove the indicator you can click on "X" next to the settings button.

Image 90097

The drawing tools section - allows you to create personalized markers on the chart to help you read/analyze the information in a better manner. Create support/resistance lines, trendlines, analyze using Fib and Gann tools.

Image 90114

Camera button -
You will find this button at the top right corner and can use it to take snapshots of your drawn charts for later reference.

Image 90115

Full Screen View- If you click on the button (as shown below) the chart will expand to the complete screen.

Image 90995

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