What is an ETF screener and where can I find it on the website?

Seeking Alpha ETF Screener enables you to pinpoint the market's most compelling ETFs for your specific investing strategy.

You can find the ETF screeners on the main homepage on the Left Nav Bar.

Image 147886

Click on "Create New Screen" to create a screener of your choice, You can filter ETFs with Buy/Hold/Sell quant ratings and author recommendations. You can also screen ETFs from a range of metrics including asset class, sub-class, performance, momentum and expenses.

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After creating a filter, you can even save it and name it as per your preference.

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By clicking on "Advanced Filter" tab you can further refine your screeners, below are the criteria's based on which you can drill down further.

Image 99834

Image 99833

We also have some preset screeners as shown below.

Image 99831

If you are not a subscriber to Premium yet, you can experience our full range of subscriber-only features by signing up from Premium.

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