Seeking Alpha Premium Overview

  • This is an overview of the key features of Seeking Alpha Premium, written for Premium subscribers.
  • We've listed the key features, in order of popularity.
  • We have a team dedicated to constantly strengthening and adding to Premium.

Unlimited access to articles.
 The core of Seeking Alpha Premium is access to any article you want to read. Example -- read any article on the AMTD symbol page.

Unlimited access to transcripts. Access earnings call and event transcripts for any stock, or rad any transcript after searching transcripts for themes and keywords using the search box. Example -- Boeing’s transcripts.

Ratings for each stock. Go to a symbol page to see three ratings for every stock -- quant rating, SA Authors rating, and Sell Side rating -- and a snapshot showing the stock’s grades for Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum and EPS Revisions. Ratings are also displayed prominently under article headlines for quick scanning of articles. Example -- MCD symbol page.

Lists of Top Stocks (new!). We’ve used our quant ratings and factor grades, SA author ratings and sell side ratings to generate these lists of top ranked stocks: Top Rated StocksTop Rated Dividend StocksTop Yield MonstersTop Tech StocksTop Growth StocksTop Value Stocks, and Top Small Cap Stocks.

Stock screener (new!). Screen for stocks using ratings, and grades for Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum and EPS Revisions. See the new Ratings Screener.

Compare stocks side-by-side. Key Stats Comparisons of stocks enable you to compare six stocks side by side, including their key data, ratings, and factor grades. You can change the stocks in the comparison, and download the results as a spreadsheet or PDF. Example - comparison of BA, LMT, DIS MSFT, BAC and TROW.

10 years of financials for every stock. Clear and powerful presentation of companies’ income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. Flip easily between views to see growth rates, margins, and view mouse-over charts. Example -- MMM income statement with year over year growth, over 10 years.

Author’s history on the stock being written about. When you read an article about a stock, you can see a chart of the author’s history on that stock below the article. Example -- FB article (scroll to bottom of article to see chart).

Author’s coverage and rating history, at a glance. A single view allows you to see what stocks an author covers, and what their history is on each stock. Mouse over the chart to view and click on articles. Example -- author Michael Wiggins De Oliveira’s coverage.

Compare ETFs side-by-side. Key Stats Comparisons of ETFs enable you to compare six ETFs side by side, with their expense ratios, liquidity, performance, and other metrics. You can change the ETFs in the comparison, and download the results as a spreadsheet or PDF. Example - comparison of the cheapest gold ETFs.