What is Author's Rating and how do I use it?

The investment goal: I’m reading up on a stock and want to know at a glance, what this author’s position is without reading the entire article. How did that call play out since they posted the article? (Has this author’s position changed over time?)

The feature that achieves this for you: Author's Rating. When a Seeking Alpha author writes an article about a specific stock or ETF, they now include their sentiment on the stock in the form of a rating. There are five possible ratings -- Very Bullish, Bullish, Neutral, Bearish or Very Bearish.

How to use it: If you use the desktop website, you can see the author’s rating in a box to the right of the article. This is the design you’ll see (the numbers aren’t actual):

In addition to the author’s rating, the article sidebar also shows the price at publication, the change in price versus the S&P 500 since then, and the number of days since publication. This information provides answers at a glance to questions like “How did the author’s prediction in this article play out?”, “Is the stock still as cheap as when the author wrote this article?”, and, “How much time has passed since this article was written?”  

We also overlay the price at publication on a stock chart;the black dot shows when and at what price the article was published:

We launched these stock ratings and price and performance data on the Seeking Alpha desktop website. They are not yet available in our mobile apps, which we are in the process of redesigning.