How do I access Rocket Chat via Desktop/Mobile?

On the Desktop/Laptop

To start, please go to the Investing Group service page by clicking on the service name on the top left, next to the Seeking Alpha logo.

Image 187051

You will see the "Launch Chat" button on the service page, as shown below.

Image 187052

Please select "Web Application" to open the chat window.

Image 127949

Or, you can simply click on the Chat bubble and be taken to the Chat room directly.

Image 187053

On your mobile device

You can access Rocket chat on your phone in two ways - from the browser or via Rocket Chat App. The steps for both are given below.

Via the Browser:

Step 1:Open the Seeking Alpha App and click on the chat bubble as shown below.

    Image 187054

    Step 2: You will be prompted with the options shown below, choose "Web Application"

    Image 187055

    Chat will open as shown below.

    Image 187056

    Via the Rocket Chat App:

    Step 1: Download the Rocket Chat App on your phone from Play Store/Google play. Don't open it.

    Image 187057

    Step 2: Open the Seeking Alpha app and launch chat by either tapping on the chat bubble on the black navigation bar or the blue chat icon on the service page.

    Image 187059


    Image 187061

    You will be redirected to the Rocket Chat App automatically.

    Please note: Do not manually enter your credentials on the Rocket Chat App; use it via the Seeking Alpha App only.

    Please email us at or give us a call at 1-347-509-6837 if you need any help.

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