How to use the "Basic Search" bar for effortless navigation?

  • You can now directly access Tabs and Subtabs available on the main symbol page from the Search dropdown itself. When you type the ticker name, the most visited tabs of the corresponding ticker will be populated (e.g., Holdings and Expenses for ETFs, Income Statement, and Quant Ratings for Stocks) you can click on the desired tab, and you will be taken to the page directly.

Example: After tying the symbol name "AAPL," all the related Tabs from the symbol page are showing up.

Image 151153

  • All pages from the Site Map are also now searchable.

Example: You want to look for our Terms of Use, so you simply type the word "Terms," and it's there.

Image 151158

  • You can also compare the tickers directly from the search bar

Example: If you type "Compare AAPL, DELL, MSFT" and click on the result, you will be directly taken to the comparison page.

And, If you write compare "Ticker name" all the peers of that ticker will show up.

Image 151155

Note: Pressing a forward slash "/" on any page will lead you directly to the search bar.

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