How to make the most of your PREMIUM subscription Part 4 - Stock Symbol Page Breakdown

We’ve built an extensive array of subscriber-only charts, tools, and data visualizations to enable investors like yourself make more informed investment decisions.

Summary: When one searches for a stock or fund, the summary page is the default result and is the first tab on the far left. PREMIUM subscribers can filter articles by long/short case or filter news by M&A, dividend news, press releases and more.

On the top-right of the screen is a convenient Ratings Summary of Quant, SA Authors’ and Sell-Side Analyst Ratings.

Ratings is the second tab from the left. It provides a snapshot summary of three types of ratings: Quant, SA Authors’ and Sell-Side Analysts - as well as StockTalks and Blogs about this stock.

  • Quant Rating: Includes the Average Quant Rating and a factor grade breakdown by Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum and EPS Revision. Click on “See Underlying Metrics” (or the blue links inside the Quant Rating Breakdown summary) to see the detailed breakdown of how this stock is performing vs. its sector median. 

  • SA Authors’ Rating: Includes a pie chart of author ratings (from “very bearish” to “very bullish”), a mathematical average of these ratings on a scale of one to five, a filter to see all articles with a specific rating, and charts of articles from each author on this stock. 

  • Sell Side Rating: Sell side ratings are made by analysts at investment banks on Wall Street. A pie chart at the top shows a snapshot of how many analysts give each rating for the stock, and to the left of that is that average on a scale of 1-5. Below one can find Target Price History and Analyst Ratings History on a scale of 1-5. 

      Key Data is the third tab from the left and includes Financials, Key Stats, SEC Filings, Historical Quotes, Splits and Options. PREMIUM subscribers can view and download ten years of financials instead of five.

      Earnings is the fourth tab from the left side of the screen. As an PREMIUM subscriber, you have exclusive access to Revision Trend charts, up to 12 quarters of Estimate and Surprise data and access to all earnings call transcripts, including audio.

      Dividends is the fifth tab from the left. PREMIUM subscribers have access to our proprietary Dividend Scorecard, which shows how this stock’s dividend compares to others in that industry, and Dividend Estimates, which allow investors to visualize a dividend payout forecast 2-3 years in the future.

      Be sure to explore the other dividend tabs in this section.

      Value, Growth, Momentum and Profitability provide detailed metrics on each of these categories for each stock. PREMIUM subscribers have access to the Quant factor grades and its underlying metrics for each of these categories, compared to its sector median.

      Peers is the first tab from the right side of the screen. The Peers tab shows a list of similar stocks. One can compare the stock with the other stocks by clicking on the relevant tab.

      PREMIUM subscribers receive 14 results for each list of peers instead of five.

      Clicking on the “Key Stats Comparison” tab generates a side-by-side comparison with four other stocks.The default comparison will select stocks within the same industry, while clicking on the edit button will enable any of the comparison tickers to be swapped with the stock of your choice. The comparison data contains data from the quote page tabs mentioned previously, with Dividend Scorecard data exclusive to PREMIUM subscribers.