What is Seeking Alpha PRO+?

What Is Seeking Alpha PRO+?

Seeking Alpha PRO+, Seeking Alpha’s premier subscription offering, provides members with only the highest quality, professional caliber investment analysis. We instantly alert subscribers to the best ideas on Seeking Alpha; we provide tools to efficiently find research from our archive; and we customize the experience so it best suits each member's individual needs.

PRO+ provides:

  1. Idea generation: Instant, exclusive access and alerts to the best research and analysis Seeking Alpha publishes every day. Our PRO+ Editors team applies a refined filter and intensive editorial process to ensure subscribers receive only the most actionable and deeply researched investment ideas.
  2. PRO+ Tools: PRO+ software tools help members rapidly access research that best fits their particular investment strategies.
  3. Editorial concierge service: PRO+ editors provide rapid-response concierge service to guide subscribers through Seeking Alpha’s platform.

Idea Generation

Top Ideas: Published exclusively for PRO+ subscribers twice weekly, Top Ideas represent the best-researched and highest-conviction long and short ideas that Seeking Alpha’s contributors have to offer.

Exclusive Subscriber Alerts: PRO+ subscribers receive exclusive email alerts whenever important research publishes on Seeking Alpha. 

For example, when activist hedge fund Kerrisdale Capital Management published its compelling Short thesis about iRhythm Technologies on Seeking Alpha, PRO+ subscribers received an instant alert to this deeply researched short idea.

(Note: Top Idea articles are exclusive to PRO+ subscribers for an entire week.)

Exclusive PRO+ Tools

Idea Filter: Only available to PRO+ subscribers, the Idea Filter screens Seeking Alpha’s archive for key variables: long or short idea, market cap, sector, ticker, date, and country. Members can also sort for growth ideas, value ideas, or even specific qualifiers such as Transformative Acquisitions, or Accounting Concerns.

Short Ideas Archive
: Subscribers have exclusive access to Seeking Alpha’s up to date listing of all short ideas published on the site.

Editorial Concierge Service

Custom Author Alerts: We help members find the best, most relevant authors to follow. PRO+ provides daily updates from high-quality authors who cater to your particular investment strategy. To activate this service, email pro-editors@seekingalpha.com. To manage alerts settings, click here.

PRO+ Exclusive Newsletters: PRO+ subscribers receive exclusive articles and alerts covering key topic areas.

  • SA PRO+ Income features actionable dividend and income ideas by top authors, along with editorial commentary. Ideas span the entire capital structure, from equity to bonds to preferred shares.
  • SA PRO+ Short Ideas sends immediately actionable stock ideas driven by upcoming negative catalysts.
  • PRO+ Tech offers cutting edge insights into the most important up and coming firms, including when these firms may be considered attractive as investments. The approach is inspired by Philip Fisher’s rigorous approach to growth investment.

Additional Offerings

The PRO+ team is committed to providing the best possible experience for all subscribers. If you have questions or feedback about how we can make the PRO+ experience better, please contact us via direct message or at pro-editors@seekingalpha.com.

To learn more or subscribe to PRO+ please click here.