How Do Investing Groups Work?

Investing Groups features investing services run by individual Seeking Alpha authors or author teams. They offer investing ideas, guidance, and research to individual and professional investors.

Seeking Alpha does not control the content in the Investing Groups or tell authors which stocks to write about or which investing strategies to cover. Each author and service determines their own approach to the market to help investors succeed and take their investing to the next level.

Authors receive 75% of subscription fees, while Seeking Alpha takes 25% as a platform fee. That 25% covers the technical costs of running the platform, billing, credit card/paypal fees, customer service, and giving authors the opportunity to market to their readers and followers on site in a number of ways. The Investing Group team also offers support to authors on how to best run their service, both through a Best Practices service and one-on-one work.

As of March 2020, we have 168 total Investing Groups. We have over 23,000 subscriptions on the platform. 4 services have more than 1000 subscribers, 12 services earn more than $200,000 in gross annual recurring revenue, and 83 earn more than $12000 in gross annual recurring revenue.

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