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what the difference between Seeking Alpha and other platforms(CEFconnect, IB) are

using the latest dividend multiply with 12 then divide the latest market price.

In this example: 0.0613 * 12 / 8.01 = 9.19%


Sum up with the last 12 months' dividend and then divide the lastest  market price, which is the way Seeking Alpha calculate in.

In this example: (0.0807 * 8 + 0.0613 * 4) / 8.01 = 11%

I hope you can understand my broken English.

Please delete this thread I figured it out already. This is not bug

Can anyone tell me what's wrong please

And the dividend yield of PHK from Interactive Brokers shows 9.2%

from shows 9.19%

They are all different with seeking alpha's data