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@Lejoy John... Why was my reply removed first, without regard for the fact that user account 1504661 has commented almost exclusively with anti-Trump messages, nothing useful except for one political party? Did you review those many comments he made for likewise deletion? 

Sometimes I believe these people are paid political trolls, maybe having more than one user account. Are you on guard for this possibility?

@ Jacob Maltz ... I find that virtually every post 1504661 has made recently involves bashing potential Trump voters ... and yet my reply to him was apparently deleted. Why was my reply deleted while his post was allowed to stand? Who is a political troll rather than an investor here? Cancel Culture at Seeking Alpha will cut both ways if my comment was in fact unfairly cancelled. Please research and reply as my question is not yet "answered".  

To Jacob Maltz, On an article about MO, "Retire A Millionaire In 10 Years With Altria Group", someone posted this:

1504661 Comments 6811 It is far better to own stock in MO, than to use it's products... 

If you have a pre-existing condition AND vote for Trump in November, 

you’ll be either dead or bankrupt by 2024.21 Aug 2020, 01:45 PM


I was offended that 1504661 brought voting for Trump into this thread about MO. I replied, with supported information links and my comment was apparently deleted. Yet the original offense remains. Please reply to me as to exactly why my reply to that comment was singled out for deletion. Is Seeking Alpha becoming part of the current cancel culture? I'm a premium member and will seek a refund if this is so.