Your comments

Hi Daniel.

Thanks for clarifying how the 'new' works.

There is however still the issue that on perhaps 50% of occasions instead of going to the first 'new' comment clicking on the notification simply goes to the start of the comments section, which is a problem which has progressively got worse.

That makes some large threads virtually useless, as it is too much hassle to scroll right down to locate it.

If your IT guys can't readily fix it, simply making 'new'  into 'new*' or whatever would make it a searchable term.



That has got an old guy out of the worst of it, but as others have noted, the bell icon often takes you to the beginning of the comments, not the first new.

And I assumed that a link to this thread would be provided in the same way as for comments, with a link icon.

And I now note that on this page there is not even a link so that the topic can readily be sent to other SA users for their comments on it.

Oh dear.