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You can close this.  It had to do with some improperly applied update on my machine that has since been remedied.  I can see comments again.  I'm sorry for wasting your time. 

Kennethfine - I have already seen the walls in action.  I have read two articles today that referenced other articles from the recent past where they are presenting a counter point of view. Unfortunately, in both  instances,  the articles referenced happened more than 10 days in the past and would now constitute a "Deep Dive" by the new standards.  It is not difficult to see that it might take more than 10 days to gather and write a coherent counterpoint to a point of view.  I expect this will vastly limit growth of users, because even if you manage to draw in a fresh user, the user will not be able to read the original article anyway, will get frustrated, and will just move on to a more user friendly environment that is sure to pop up. 

Your "Wall" analogy is a good one.  They may try and wall in quite a few of the current users, but in doing so they will wall out all new users.  Unfortunately for Seeking Alpha, numbers will look good in the short term, but they will not know that they have bled to death until it is to late fix the problem. 

It won't work.  Most of the value is in the comments, and the users provide those.  Even $9.95 a month would drive the users away, and crate a downward spiral of diminishing value of the seeking alpha platform as a whole.  Especially when another site pops up and fulfills the demand that will exist for a free site where the users allow the provider to profit from the product that they create.  Having the audacity to charge the users for the privilege of giving the site value is basically Seeking Alpha committing suicide.  We'll see if someone who understands social media can show up and save these guys from themselves.

I agree whole heartedly with jeffkad. Seeking Alpha does not realize that the large part of it's value comes from user interaction and user inputted information.  You can now no longer research a new stock because all articles over 10 days old are no longer available.  Daniel Hochman says you'll still have access to the comment stream, but only if you commented on the article in the first 10 days, so any new research will not turn this information up.

Just like with YFMB the users will flock to the next free exchange of information site that is user friendly.  SA I hope you are tracking your daily users and change this policy before you become irrelevant.  For some reason you think your value comes from your content and not your users, which is a very flawed way to look at social media. 

Without the ability to research new stocks, this is no longer the go to platform for research.  It decreases the value of the site significantly.

I did not know that contributors of free articles now get paid zero.  If so how are they ever hoping to attract new users?  Especially after they lose a good chunk due to this new policy.  One of the most valued commodities on seeking alpha is the diverse viewpoints on different subjects in the comments.  This sounds like they just started a leaking downward spiral of this value/content on their site as losing users begets losing more users. 

When researching a new stock, I like to look back and read some of the old articles about it.  I'm not just interested in stuff put out in the last 10 days.  I want to see what the thoughts were 6 months or a year ago.  They have just eliminated the ability to do this and have decreased their value as a place to do research on new stocks significantly.  It is a truly baffling decision. I guess i'll just have to do my research on another site.  I guess everyone will just have to do their research on another site....