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I received to response to my initial post about 'income investing'. The average overall yield for my portfolio is over 7% with no holding that pays out uner 5%. I wish there was a separate section entitled ' INCOME INVESTING' so I could concentrate on that sector. I lmow there are others who invest the same as I do. Appreciate anyone reading this post agreeing or disgreeing.

HAs the BLOG section been eliminated ?

Just a warning to other users. The pre market futures on this site are invalid and they should be disregarded. The data shown at 5:30 PM EST on 11/28/21 are NOT for the next days trading. One must look at other sites for the correct informtion.

Best I know , S.A. has not made the number of articles they will allow for a non-pay user. My thought is that if S.A. gets enough paid subscribers, they will stop all free articles. I may be wrong, of course.

This same situation occurs in various sites i visit. Just scroll down and there the article is.

Once you realize what is happening, just carry on.

There are two paid subscription services. I you do not subscribe to either service , S>A> caps the number of articles one can read per ?. I have not seen the number or the duration. 

Mr Hochman

I access the site primarily for news/data/ etc. Most of the articles by authors that I read are/were for enjoyment, not for investing purposes. I always do my research off this site, as I feel most authors have an agenda . Be that as it may, I would be willing to subscribe for, let's say, $99 annually with upfront payment fine, with an article limit that you deem fair. Most articles do not address my investing mode, which is preferred issues and some income products. I do not know the article limit for the free service because as best I know, it has not been announced. S.A. is useful to me as a consolidated news/data site, not for the articles. Those I was REALLY interested in were very few. Kindly take my suggestion under advisement. The current Premium cost is not of value to me, nor I observe to many others. Of course if folks are paying the cost, you will reject my thoughts. I am a Looong time viewer. If you review my article accesses since Jan 4 you will see that I have not read ANY articles, best I know, but have opened some news reports. Anyways, Thanks for listening

Howard philipson/ PhilipsonH

Yes, there is a limit for users that have no paid subscription, but as far as I know, the limit has not been announced 

Your broker's site. By the way, it is very easy to get quotes on YAHOO FINANCE. That is all I go to that site for.