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CWMF - I have no issues on  S.A. when I access the site using Chrome, only when using FIREFOX.

Mine sometimes freezes when attempting to comment; at first I thought I was being blocked, but it is the program and using the FIREFOX browser. Other browsers work fine on S.A. so far.

I read a headline that stated it was 80%, so who knows what it really is; also, I believe you mean truecompany  FUNDAMENTALS,( not economic conditions).

I am having the same problems as noted, but ONLY when I use the FIREFOX browser. I have Java installed and cookies allowed, so it isn't those items that are causing the issue.

Try Chrome or another browser and you may eliminate the problems on S>A> Two browsers other than FIREFOX worked fine today, as I just tried them to see what would happen.

It was kind of you to respond to my question . Thanks.  Howard

Forgot to mention that I contacted the author from D.D. and he had confirmed that they had already had their dividend posted on 3/1/18 - Thanks

Thank you, Mr Shvartsman. ( I have spent almost 6 hours on emails and phone calls trying to locate the

divident payment and have absolure proof that the company paid it, but of course I have to wait until TDA

tracks it down ). This has not happened previously, to my knowledge.

Again, Thanks for your interest.


yes, it has become increasingly irritating to use the Seeking Alpha Site, because they are changing to an almost all paid for subscription product. If you have not read or commented on an article , that is now older than 10 days ago,  you cannot access it or even make a comment. You can read current articles during the first 10 days of publication but if you do not do so , you are blocked . They started out all free and have become more and more restrictive. It's their choice, of course, and they feel they can succeed with a subscription site.

Just another point, when you put the cursor on PEOPLE, one has to click on the word to open any material, but

not so with NEWS or ANALYSIS, so different words on the main menu require different actions by the user; and the actions you take determine what material displays. Pretty soon i will be a professional user again. WHEW! I

really enjoy your website and when I saw the change I felt YIKES ! Thanks for response Mr Hochman.

Yes, but I have altered my viewpoint already ! It's fine. Just a matter of getting used to the new layout and then I will be able to use it without thinking about where to go. At first, it was disconcerting, but after a few tries i can find the areas that I primarily use. Yes 'hovering' is the key, because I was clicking on ANALYSIS and when one

does that, different material pops up than when one just hovers over the word ANALYSIS. It took me a while to

figure the motions out.  Hover vs click is the key to a successful experience. Thanks, Howard