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I am subscribed to SA News Team. I have KMI in my list, so I should get the "Notable Earnings after Wednesdays Close" Notification. But I didn't get it.  

When I search for SA News Team in the app, I don't find those articles under their profile. I'm also not able to find SA Editor Jignesh Mehta when I type into the search field.

Please help me for earnings season :)

I'm subscribed in my android app to "portfolio", "sa recommendations", "symbols", "market close", "top breaking news" and "comments". I don't find "sa news team" in the list.

There are simple notifications called "notable earnings before [week day]'s open" and "notable earnings after [week day]'s close" , and there are only the symbols in the notification, which have earnings dates the next day. The one from yesterday is from "SA Author Jignesh Mehta", 05.30 ET