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Put the stocktalks of those followed back where they were! 


Added note: We used to be able to click whether to get notifications of additional comments or not.

Perhaps we could simply go back to that format? Thanks

Having trouble deleting older posts again. :o(  I have myself as an author so I can see a listing of all posts. I can delete a few of the newer ones, but I cant go to older posts and 

1. pull up the chart included

2. delete the post

I have a number of older charts that no longer are applicable, and would like to delete. These are my own posts. 

Thanks for your attention!

Please note:

Just posted a chart to a stocktalk, and I can now see the chart. The ones I sent you still show the little box on left, but now posting as always. Weird. If you did something to fix, thanks! If it corrected itself, thanks as well! :o)

Logged out, closed browser. Came back in, logged in. Screenshot below:

When I open SA as always, I see my Stocktalks listed. Each has a chart attached. Normally, I see some of the chart, mouse over, and click on enlarge (open). Using Chrome as always. Now, in my Stocktalk, I see a small box on left side (like a chart in an article that no longer opens). I found I can open some from prior days, but my last two Stocktalk posts (with charts) I can't open the chart. Weird. I'd send you a screenshot if I could attach to this, but doesnt look like I can attach.


Tried a couple, and worked great! Thanks for your help! Now I can clean up and remove

some older posts. :o)

Its someone else's comments that have emojis in them. I can't delete someone else's 

comment(s) directly, and I can't delete my post if anyone uses an emoji in a comment.


Thanks for the update!! I very much appreciate your time on this! I just wanted to delete a bunch of old posts so as not to tie up space, and as they are no longer relevant. Thanks again!