Your comments

I tried to reply to your earlier message but for some reason it wouldn't send.

When I opened the app to send you screenshots it was working again. I hope the problem is fixed but historically it works one day and not the next. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Meanwhile, thanks for your efforts to help me.

Please confirm that you received my screenshot. I just went to Google Play store and opened the portfolio that way and it is working... for now!

Nothing has changed. Screen is frozen from last week. When I open my portfolio it shows the indices in red on black background and next line is notifications. Move over to dollars,, etc on next screen and stocks are listed with information from last week. I am getting notifications several times a day.

I have done both several times. It works for a day or less then I have either the same problem or a different one the next day

Thanks for trying to help me. Any other suggestions?