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Assured Guaranty: Domino Effect Gathers Pace Amidst Persistent Fall In Revenue And Income (NYSE:AGO) | Seeking Alpha

FYI, I did not subscribe or read this article when it was available.  It should be blocked, but I can now read comments and read the article that is about 9 months old.  I am sure you will block my access to articles and likely some comments soon.  Thanks for trying to resolve this issue. 

Here is another article that I was alerted to for a new comment.

Peabody Energy Could Be Filing For Ch.11 Bankruptcy - Again (NYSE:BTU) | Seeking Alpha

I have not been able to read the comments that I had previously subscribed to.  I just clicked the comment notification link.  I am again able to read the comments, in addition the article is available to read which I believe should not be available to read (I would be happy if you guys let us read the article once we have subscribed, but its not been that way).  So I can read comments in articles I could not see last week, but now you are showing the article simply by clicking the new comment notification.  I would prefer what is happening right now, but I doubt you will keep it this way.  Thanks

Here is an exact example,  Buy Liberty Latin America At Its All-Time Low For 500% Returns In 5 Years (NASDAQ:LILA) | Seeking Alpha

This is an old thread, maybe in October or November time frame I would get alerts and click but I was just show the article is not available to me and show NO comments (even though I was alerted).  Visiting this specific article has occurred multiple times to the point that I am reluctant to click.  FYI, it seems the problem happen more on weekends.  I have made comments in feedback forum in the past for this very issue.  I jumped on this thread because I had a problem viewing comments from the above linked thread.  To give this example, I saw new comments in my notification and clicked.  Now I see the new green comment threading and even more strange is that the article is available to read in its entirety.   The article itself has not been available to read for a very long time.  If I had to offer my personal observance, it happens more over the weekend.  I don't think its ever happened on a news article just the time locked opinion pieces.  But this has been happening more and more often over the last several months.  Thanks and tell me what you would need if this is not specific enough.

i have been reporting this problem in different threads probably since November.  Its not all articles, but its becoming more and more.  Please put some effort into resolve this issue, because you never used to have it and now it happens all the time.

Same here, I am commenting numerous times hoping they realize the issue and resolve it.  I posted this also over 3 weeks ago.  Please take a look at it SA.

I am not sure if this is the same issue that I came here about, but I assume its related.  Now I receive notifications for new comments, but when I click the comments I am blocked from reading the comments.  It stopped for me a couple of weeks ago, then worked fine and now it no longer functions properly.  It also does appear to only occur randomly, it still works with some articles.

I started a thread on this topic a couple of days or weeks back.  Then I did not face a problem for a few days and now its back.  I feel like its clear that SA is testing some new functionality on the site.  I hope this is not the way of the future for SA.