Your comments

10 days is an arbitrary and consequential cutoff, especially when the alternative is such a biting user fee.  The change in direction was, to be blunt, clumsily handled and that adds to the chafing amongst what is proving to be a passionate and, prior to this strategic shift, loyal community.  The outcome, from a business perspective, is yet to be determined but I suspect, judging from the backlash, it may be significant.  It's a shame.  You really had a good thing going and from where I sit, it appears that a more gradual evolution would have avoided risk of revolution.  My <2c. 

Just for clarification, this morning ALL analysis and opinion on individual stocks show the 'key' on my new SA screen and are unavailable.  Your message above suggests that may not be your intention.  In the new format, I find no opportunity to login in the top right as has historically been the case.

Please advise.