Your comments

I'm also having the issue. Plz fix up your error!

Get rid of the Show All. It is bloody annoying.

Bring back the prev that you can see the whole thing.

I also don't understand. Please explain and fix up the bug

Graph is still showing incorrectly on iPad. It seems like it is fixed on iPhone.

It is very annoying cannot view the graph. Pls fix!


I also get this problem when posting. The spinning wheel just stays there. I can see my post has been posted and I can click on portfolio, news, notifications tabs but the spinning wheel is still there. Waited 20min - still there. I had to force close/kill the app then re open the app.


Also just noticed not only the bottom of the news gets truncated, the title as well.


I re login. Problem still happening.

I also would like to know. It is a feature people need it most.

This issue still not fixed in both ipad and iphone.

Is this ever going to be fixed? The issue is still happening after 10 updates.