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SA Maya Naten, I don't think you are understanding this issue. Everyone and alot of post is saying, it does not show pre and post market prices. Your answer that to tap the red/green boxes does not work. It does not make the pre and post prices come up.

See the attached photo


Im also not getting pre and post market prices.

i am also getting this problem on iPad Air 2 with latest ios

But people want to see both the price change in $ and %. Why can't you change back like before. It is what the customer wants. This is our feedback but you guys don't consider it. I don't understand.

We don't want to TAP! Bring back the old version. Can't you see so many complaints about the new update?

Identified another problem. Under Notifications -> when you press a news article, the last dot point, the sentence gets cut off. iPhone does not have this issue.

See the photo:



The new update version 3.8.2 did not fix this issue on the iPad.

Using iPad Air 2 with iOS 11.3.1

Thanks for getting back so fast!

iPhone 6 Plus with latest iOS 11.3.1

iPad Air 2 with latest iOS 11.3.1