Your comments

I agree.  Even with the video switched off, the ad takes up 1/3 of the screen.  I know SA is a business, but this will drive away users.

I like the fix implemented this morning, with the stock metrics collapsed so I can see the news, with an easy click to open up the metrics.  Great idea.   Thanks.

It didn't show up in my post above.  The apostrophe shows up as (leaving spaces so your website doesn't correct it:  $ # 39 ;

Agree.  Think the paywall idea is lousy.  Already bad enough that SA does not pay authors for hits from mobile devices, since mobile is about 50% of internet usage.  (I am not an author).

All SA pages are loading slowly b/c of slow loading ads.  Actually, the pages never completely load, and at the bottom of my browser window I can see the browser is waiting for an ad.  Just like radio and TV, if you load in too many ads your viewers will change channels.