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Today's flashing ad is the worst ever: it's from Grainger, btw. It rotates among several large, colorful frames. The Atoms shoe ads continued to be annoying through last week. This sort of display is very distracting for some of us: it takes me several times as long to read the first story with that dithering beside it. PLEASE HAVE MERCY!

Today's annoying animated ad:

I think this one also needs to be retired ASAP:

Here's a new one that came with my Wall Street Breakfast; the VOTE buttons are flashing and distracting!

Today's Wall Street Breakfast has TWO flashing ads. Ugh!

I'm a contributor but I can't read or publish my comments or update my blog because your site is not optimized for Firefox. Since Firefox is a very popular browser, I don't understand why you neglect Firefox compatibility checks on your links.

I'm having the same problem as OP. The buttons do nothing. Using Firefox if that's relevant.

Above problem is ongoing the past week for me including today. The button that doesn't work for me is called "PUBLISH" -- I use Firefox 59.0.2 if that's any help.

I'm having increased difficulty lately as described by OP: the SEND buttons don't seem to register my clicks and today I got five different CAPTCHA prompts in a row. I don't think my intellect is THAT dim yet.

I'd love to send a screenie but the darn thing has been replaced on the Wall Street Breakfast e-mail I received three days ago. Taking a look behind the ad, it appears to have been served by "liveintent". I recall being unable to capture the image or any meaningful data at the time I wrote my note. All I can recall is that the lower-right corner of the ad (which was at the top of the page right next to your lead story) had an obnoxious button that flashed from green to red and back with a frequency of about once per second -- and it drove me around the bend!