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Thanks for the message; the instablog hosting the offer has been pulled, and is not available on Seeking Alpha currently.


Thanks for the message, it's a fair question. We're focused on investing. Politics obviously have relevance to investing, and politics in the US are very sensitive these days.

Our policy is to make sure articles are focused on investing, and that political discussions are made relevant to the primary investing discussion, and that they are respectful and measured. That's not really from a censorship perspective, but the perspective that it's not in our interest to have an article focused on politics that devolves into a 500 comment screaming match.

In other words, the political opinion expressed to us is of no concern (within reason, I guess). Whether it is measured and whether it is relevant is our primary concern.

For what it's worth, we have gotten a lot more complaints that we have too much politics than not enough over the last 6-12 months.

Please let us know if you have any questions,


Thanks for the comment, toodkb. Chat is one of our most popular features on Marketplace, but I know some limitations are frustrating. We've begun the process of upgrading it, and I will make sure our development team sees all of your suggestions. Feel free to contact if you have others.



Hi Clarence, I believe we've resolved this separately via email, but if not, please contact us at

Thanks for the message, LongHouse, we appreciate the feedback.

The article is a 7-minute interview with Dividend House. When an author is featured as an interviewee subject, we usually add them as a co-author, as it's usually of interest to their followers. We will keep your point in mind.

This is the first time we're collaborating with the DIY Investing Summit, and we will take your point regarding the promotional aspects, it's a balance we are working to get right.

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Hi there, we'll follow up with an email to clarify, but you can also find your settings here - There's a column for payment, and a link you can click on called 'change' where you can update your details.

Thanks for the message, we'll follow up with you via, for other users.

Thanks for the comment, Nomadiam. I agree with you. We don't support this yet, but it's on our agenda to develop this over the coming months. I hope you will see progress over that time. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions on that progress in coming months, or if we can help with anything else.

Hi, good question. Use this link for whichever author you're curious about - In other words, just replace "eli-inkrot" in this url with the author's name, with a dash instead of a space when relevant.

We need to make those more visible on the site, thank you for raising that question. I hope that helps, please get in touch if it doesn't.