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Disregard my complaint, it was solved by Nithia. I am satisfied.

Disregard this, ,my problem was solved.

Thank you for your concern.

Michael Bell

Jacob, I tried what you suggested. I uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it using my Apple ID and password on all my Apple devices. However, the same  problem occurred - no Premium subscription, and they are still bugging me to subscribe to Premium. Please check your records. I subscribed to Premium on 5/18/20, and you deducted $260.21 from my American Express Account. Please get back to me, and fix the problem.


Kushan, my premium subscription has not been restored. Please fix it .I paid a lot of money for it.

Thank you.

I also have a problem with the loss of Premium. Please restore it

I also deleted the App, and added it back using my ID and password, but I still could not access  my Premium Subscription. The situation seems hopeless.

Steven, I have not been able to access my Premium Account for a long time. I cannot believe why they can’t fix it. I certainly sympathize with you .

I can’t either. It’s terribly frustrating. I can’t even access Premium after paying for it. What a way to run web site. It doesn’t inspire confidence in SA trying to offer stock analysis.

Jacob, if I have  valid subscription why can’t you restore it on your end?

I have logged into my account using my ID, and password, and I still do not have Premium that ai paid for on 5/18/20. Please fix it.

Thank You

M.A. Bell