Your comments

Thanks for the reply. You bring up a good point which is why I'd like to see both the TTM value as well as the most recent distribution amount. That amount is shown on the dividend scorecard but it'd be useful to have it on the Portfolio data page as well for more complete information in one place.

I agree, the redesign of the front page is detrimental to the usage of the site. In addition to the comment about "all dividend info" I'd add that the section of "articles I've read" has no place on the front page. It'd be fine on some internal page that I can visit when i want that information but my dementia has not spread to the point where I need that list in front of me all the time.

Also, why can't I get e list of all the new articles? The trending ones are fine but just having Portfolio articles is less useful than ALL articles. That lets me scan to find information/contributors that I might not see otherwise.