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it is 5 articles per month... quite generous, right? *lol*

Barron or " Insights" (new product in collaboration with Tipranks). 

Thinking of a Barron's subscription or with their new Insights Premium subscription. Cheaper than SA and great analysis insights of real professionals and not amateurish contributors that just throw around biased opinions.

I am fed up. Not to speak of the annoying Android app. Still buggy and slow!

i still hope that they come to their senses. I think it's not a coincidence that they did it now when exchanges are at all-time highs. But I want to see the accuracy and expertise of their contributors and their ratings when markets get choppy again. It was easy to recommend stocks when 90% are winners anyway.

Vote with your feet and walk out of this insanity. And I hope some contributors put pressure on SA!

Lots of comments. Everything is said. And what happens? Nothing, not a hint of admitting a mistake by SA for setting up this ludicrous paywall (5 free articles per month, what a joke!). What a shame!

And not long ago, they had promised the exact opposite.

same here. Why no fix from SA? Unbelievable bad service

especially with that horrible Android app now

Same here. When I click news, Unable to contact SA