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Finally heard back from SA Support with answers. In a nutshell, I was confused by how the Black Friday promotion referenced the monthly rate when the offer was only valid on the annual subscription. Plus, I was puzzled by the long delay in their response. Anyway, Support explained that the promotion only applied to the annual subscription. and that it started after the 14-day trial. So I consider the inquiry resolved and may even give it a try.

Well said. And good point. Seeking Alpha's response comes off as Hucksterism. I too, wrote their "support" with specific questions about the Black Friday offer and instead of just replying to my email, they stuck my inquiry on a forum that no one at Seeking Alpha is likely to ever answer. There's no way I can purchase a subscription with customer service like that.

Thanks for adding that Display Settings option. I didn't even know it was there.

On the other hand, I actually prefer the new interface, which seems to be a throwback to the original Seeking Alpha format. It's certainly easier on these Old Man River eyes.