Your comments

Hi Amarpreet,

I have absolutely no doubt that the SA editors are highly discriminatory. I have been writing on SA from 2018 and this is a long term observation. 

You have technically ignored my post by pointing to 'multi-part' or whatever trivial issue. You are not the first one to have technically avoided it, all the editors have done it via email. To be honest, I knew that you would also give a boilerplate reply like the others, after all, you are a part of this team. 

I also know very well that you will never look further into this matter.

As I cannot do anything about the editorial malpractices at SA, I will not be posting articles on SA anymore. 

Hi Lukas, I have been observing the preferential treatment for a long period of time. I have repeatedly tried to seek a solution, but the editors/staff kept telling me that there is a long backlog when in reality they keep publishing several articles by their favorite authors on a single day. I even tried talking to some of the authors who are well served by the favoritism model, they got angry at me because I questioned. Since I cannot do anything against their discriminatory practices I have decided to not pursue writing on Seeking Alpa from now on. I know very well that this will not change anything with their malpractices, but this is the only thing I could do.