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Hello Floris,

Thanks for your note.

The 50% discount you see is in relation to the regular monthly pricing of $29.99/month. 

The 50% discount offer (billed up front at $179/year) would in turn give you access to Premium for $14.99/month.



Thank you everyone for reaching out.

This issue has been fixed.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing technical issues opening email  links.

Hi Russian Blue,

We now show only 1 in the app icon to indicate that there are notifications in the app.

This does not reflect the overall number of notifications you have, rather just to indicate to you that you have notifications you need to check.

Members who see changing numbers have a very old version of the app and should update their version as soon as possible.



@SauceyGranny we've tried calling the number you listed below several times now. Please let us know a good time to contact you.



Hi covenantman, sorry we missed your call. We are calling you back now. Thanks.

Hi, I'll follow up with you directly and help you get this sorted.

Thanks everyone for your feedback.

We will be adding the change and % change to each line in the Holdings tab and will be adding the total % change for the portfolio as well.

We hope to have this available to all Premium subscribers by the end of the week so no need to unsubscribe. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate all of your feedback on this feature.