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Sorry, as indicated to the right of the SA price quote

It is much more systemic then that.   You have major problems with your price tracking over multiple tickers.  This is all relatively new.  At the end of the day, after market close, in my portfolio of roughly 25 stocks the change and change percent categories will show zero (0.00) on at least 7 symbols night after night.  I would start their.  Coding, tracking or whatever has gone awry.  The portfolio function of your service is fast becoming useless.  The comment on my post above shows i am not the only one.   I hope you will not continue to relegate this as a small issue that my or may not be "seen again".

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


It was vitff.  Then it had a reverse split  a month of so ago with a new symbol of vitfd (for a new exchange maybe?) since the 24th of Dec it seems to have stopped updating in my portfolio.   That's all i knew when I submitted the post.   Now I have found the updated current price on google under the symbol vitff again.  They went back?  I don"t know.